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What is the PCBA AOI test?

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PCBA AOI (Printed Circuit Board Assembly Automated Optical Inspection) inspection content mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Component position and polarity: Check whether the component position and polarity are correctly installed on the PCB.

2. Missing and offset components: Detect whether there are missing or offset components.

3. Welding quality: Check the welding quality, including whether the welding is complete, whether the solder joints are uniform, whether there are welding short circuits or open circuits, etc.

4. Welding pad quality: Check the quality of the welding pad, including whether the welding pad is complete, whether there is oxidation, whether there is a short circuit or an open circuit, etc.

5. Welding deviation: Check whether the welding position deviates from the design requirements.

Through the detection of the above content, PCBA AOI can help ensure the quality and reliability of PCB assembly and improve production efficiency and product quality.

Post time: Mar-26-2024