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NEW CHIP has a professional procurement team with more than 10- years’ experience in industry. Proficient in most of components and materials parameters, and with professional industry engineers and inspectors and testing equipment to control the quality inspection, NEW CHIP will ensure you original and authentic product. With mature storage and inventory capacity, NEW CHIP can deliver product quickly to help you save space cost. Except for the strategic cooperative brands: SMT, Infineon, Nuvoton, NXP,Microchip,Texas Instruments, ADI, etc. NEW CHIP also has steady & strategic cooperation relationship with electronic materials vendors in the world’s hundreds of countries and regions, which assures us can offer you certified chips with brand from original manufacture with competitive price in this industry.

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In today's competitive market environment, product quality and reliability are of Paramount importance. Understanding and ensuring the performance and stability of integrated circuits is critical to your business.That's why we work with White Horse Testing to ensure that the important ics you get meet the highest standards and are subject to rigorous quality testing.

White Horse testing Institute has advanced testing equipment and a team of technical experts. They have the experience and expertise to perform comprehensive validation and testing for different types of ics. They will utilize a variety of advanced test methods and technologies to ensure the performance, reliability, stability and consistency of integrated circuits.
By partnering with White Horse Testing, we can offer you the following services:
Verify and test the performance and reliability of critical ics.
Ensure that integrated circuits comply with specified standards and specifications.
Produce detailed test report, including test results, assessment and recommendation


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How to ensure that their quality and performance remain good

Temperature and Humidity Control: Components should be stored in a dry, temperature-friendly environment and avoid exposure to high temperatures, high humidity, or extreme temperature changes. 

Dust and Anti-static: Components should be stored in closed containers to prevent dust and other contaminants from entering and affecting their performance. In addition, appropriate anti-static measures should be followed to prevent damage to components caused by electrostatic discharge. 

Avoid mechanical damage: Components should be stored in a safe, non-vulnerable location to avoid mechanical shock, pressure or vibration. 

Avoid light: Some components are sensitive to light, so direct sunlight should be avoided. 

Correct labeling and packaging: When storing components, the component model, batch, and storage date should be correctly marked, and appropriate packaging materials should be used to protect the components from moisture, corrosion, or physical damage.  

Regular inspection and update: Regularly check the stored components to ensure they are normal and update expired or damaged components in a timely manner.   

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