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Pcb Soldering Technology

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HCC and New Chip are proud to offer high quality PCBA circuit boards designed to meet the diverse needs of the industrial control industry. With a primary focus on quality, reliability and efficiency, our circuit boards are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of industrial control applications.

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High Reliability

When it comes to industrial control, precision is crucial. That's why we at HCC and New Chip invest a lot of time and effort into developing PCBA boards with superior functionality and performance. Our team of expert engineers possess cutting-edge technology and extensive experience, ensuring that each circuit board is designed and manufactured to perfection.

One of the key features that sets our PCBA boards apart from the competition is our commitment to quality. We understand the demanding nature of industrial control applications and the need for durable and reliable circuit boards. Therefore, each board undergoes rigorous testing and quality inspection to ensure its excellent performance and service life.

Flexible Customization

We understand that each industrial control application is unique, so we provide flexible customization services. Whether it is size, connection interface or electrical specifications, we can customize according to your needs to ensure that our PCBA circuit boards are perfectly adapted to your industrial control equipment. Quality assurance: We pay attention to product quality, from raw material procurement to strict inspection in the production process, and final product testing, we ensure that every link of the product meets the highest standards. Our quality assurance system includes strict quality control processes, and a production environment that meets international certification standards to provide you with first-class PCBA circuit boards.

Technical Support And Service

We not only provide you with high-quality PCBA circuit boards, but also provide a full range of technical support and customer service. Whether it is technical consultation during the selection process or after-sales support during use, our team will respond in a timely manner and provide professional assistance to ensure that your industrial control equipment can run stably for a long time. Choose to cooperate with us, you will get high-quality PCBA circuit boards to ensure the reliability and performance of your industrial control equipment. Whether in manufacturing, energy, automation or other fields, our expertise and experience will provide you with the best solution. Contact us now to learn more about our PCBA circuit boards, we will be committed to meet your needs, provide a full range of support, and help you optimize your industrial control process and improve production efficiency and quality.


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