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What is the role of PCB 3D AOI inspection machine?

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PCB 3D AOI inspection machine is an automatic optical inspection equipment used to inspect printed circuit boards (PCB). Its functions include but are not limited to the following:

1. Detect defects: Use high-resolution cameras and advanced image processing algorithms to detect defects on the PCB, such as welding problems, component position deviation, short circuits, open circuits, etc.

2. Improve production efficiency: The automated inspection process can greatly improve the efficiency of the production line and reduce the time and cost of manual inspection.

3. Improve product quality: Through accurate detection, PCB problems can be discovered and corrected in time, improving product quality and reliability.

4. Data analysis and recording: AOI testing machines can record test results and data to provide data support for quality control and production process improvement.

In general, the role of the PCB 3D AOI inspection machine is to improve the automation of the PCB production line and improve product quality and production efficiency.

Post time: Apr-07-2024