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SPI solder paste detector high speed automatic SMT machine

SPI solder paste detector high speed automatic SMT machine

High-speed fully automatic patch machine equipped with SPI solder paste detector is an advanced surface mount equipment that can achieve high-speed, high-precision patch operations and is equipped with SPI (Solder Paste Inspection, solder paste detection). Detector is used to detect solder paste quality. 

SPI solder paste detector high speed automatic SMT machine(1)

This device is manufactured by  Corporation and has the following features and benefits:

 ● High-speed fully automatic placement: able to complete a large number of placement operations in a short time and improve production efficiency;

 ● High-precision patching: With precise positioning and mounting functions, it can achieve extremely small-sized component patching;

 ●  SPI solder paste detector: Equipped with a solder paste detection instrument that can detect the accuracy and uniformity of solder paste application to ensure patch quality;

 ●  System stability: Adopt advanced control system and automatic correction function to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment;

 ●  Programmable operation: With rich operating modes and programming capabilities, it can be easily adjusted according to different product requirements.

This equipment is suitable for various electronic manufacturing industries, especially areas with high requirements on patch speed and quality, such as mobile phones, automotive electronics, industrial control, etc. Its high speed, high precision and reliability help to improve production efficiency. Ensure patch quality. Reliability of patch quality.

Post time: Oct-13-2023