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PCBA QC precautions

The following matters need to be noted when conducting quality control of PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly):

Check component installation: Check the correctness, position and welding quality of components to ensure that components are installed correctly as required.

Welding quality inspection: Check the quality of welding joints, including welding integrity, welding slag and welding temperature.

Line continuity test: Perform a line connection and continuity test to ensure there are no shorts or open circuits.

Silk screen quality inspection: Check the clarity, alignment accuracy and completeness of the silk screen.

Pad inspection: Check the quality of the pad, including pad shape, coating and compliance. Appearance inspection: Conduct an appearance inspection to ensure that the appearance of the PCBA is complete, free of damage and dirt.

Functional test: Carry out functional test to check whether the working performance and function of the circuit board meet the requirements. 

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Post time: Feb-26-2024