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PCB pressing precautions

You need to pay attention to the following matters when performing PCB lamination: 

PCB pressing precautions

Temperature control: Temperature control during the lamination process is very important. Make sure the temperature is not too high or too low to avoid damage to the PCB and the components on it. According to the requirements of PCB laminating materials, control the temperature range.

Pressure control: Make sure the pressure applied is even and appropriate when laminating. Too high or too low pressure may cause PCB deformation or damage. Select the appropriate pressure according to the PCB size and material requirements.

Time control: The pressing time also needs to be properly controlled. Too short a time may not achieve the desired lamination effect, while too long a time may cause the PCB to overheat. According to the actual situation, choose the appropriate pressing time. Use the proper lamination tool: It is very important to choose the proper lamination tool. Make sure the lamination tool can apply pressure evenly and control temperature and time.

Pretreatment PCB: Before lamination, ensure that the PCB surface is clean and perform necessary pretreatment work, such as applying processing glue, coating with solvent-resistant film, etc. Inspection and testing: After completing the lamination, carefully check the PCB for deformation, damage or other quality problems. At the same time, perform necessary circuit tests to ensure that the PCB is functioning properly.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: The most important thing is to follow the usage guidelines and instructions of the PCB material and equipment manufacturers. According to the needs of specific products, follow the corresponding process flow and operating specifications.

Post time: Oct-20-2023