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PCB FR4 material

PCB FR4 material  are available in medium TG (medium glass transition temperature) and high TG (high glass transition temperature) types. 

         TG refers to the glass transition temperature, that is, at this temperature, the FR4 sheet will undergo structural changes, resulting in changes in the physical properties of the material. The glass transition temperature of medium TG sheets is generally around 130-140 degrees Celsius, while the glass transition temperature of high TG sheets is above 150 degrees Celsius. High TG sheets have better thermal stability and high temperature resistance, and are suitable for applications that need to withstand high temperature environments, such as automotive electronics, industrial control, aerospace and other fields. Medium TG sheets are more suitable for general electronic products and communication equipment and other fields. 

PCB FR4 material

Selection of the appropriate panel type depends on the requirements and environmental conditions in the specific application.

Post time: Nov-15-2023